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Overseas healthcare latest Brexit information

The Overseas Healthcare Services (OHS) team has been working very closely with colleagues at the Department of Health and Social Care to plan and prepare for Brexit.

The government aims to reach reciprocal healthcare arrangements either across all EU countries, or with each country individually. The government made an offer to all EU countries to continue the current reciprocal healthcare arrangements if there’s a no-deal Brexit.

In a deal scenario, access to healthcare for UK insured citizens living in or travelling to the EU will continue as normal after Brexit. This means that the way Overseas Healthcare Services is delivered by the NHS Business Services Authority would stay the same as it is now.

Options for accessing healthcare for UK insured citizens living in and travelling to the EU may change, if we leave the EU without a deal.

The government announced that people already living in the EU who have their healthcare funded by the UK, will have their healthcare costs covered for 6 months following Brexit, if we leave without a deal. This means that, in a no-deal scenario, all of the S1 holders we have registered on our systems will be entitled to state-funded healthcare for that six month period.

In addition to this, the government will:

  • cover the healthcare costs for students who began their courses in the EU ahead of Brexit for the duration of their course
  • cover the healthcare costs of UK visitors to the EU who commenced their trip before the UK left the EU until they return to the UK
  • ensure that people currently insured by the UK living in the EU can return to use the NHS temporarily in England, Wales and Scotland free of charge.

The latest information is available on the GOV.UK Brexit website.