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What we’re working on

Our team has been working with colleagues across the system on a wide range of opportunities to help the NHS deliver better. 

Our opportunities are grouped into four broad themes:

  • getting the most from our data
  • improving care pathways
  • minimising fraud or error
  • making processes more efficient

Getting the most from our data 

Supporting the optimisation of medicines use, including:

  • antibiotic prescribing 
  • generic prescribing
  • reducing inappropriate polypharmacy
  • improving respiratory services 

Improving care pathways

This includes:

  • continuing healthcare
  • diagnostic testing 
  • wound care 
  • social prescribing 

Minimising fraud or error

This includes:

  • loss recovery services 
  • provider assurance

Making processes more efficient

This includes:

  • overseas health care services
  • minimising wastage of prescribed medicines

For more detailed information about these and other opportunities, contact the team.