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Who we work with

We collaborate with a variety of organisations at a local and national level:

National Arms Length Bodies

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

As the NHSBSA is accountable to DHSC, we offer support to DHSC on their policy developments.

We feed information from the system to help influence decisions.

NHS England

As we are partly funded by NHS England, we work closely to deliver opportunities on their behalf.

We work with NHS England central teams but also collaborate and pilot opportunities with NHS England regional teams.

Commissioners and providers

We engage with commissioning organisations such as clinical commissioning groups and provider organisations such as GP Practices, Pharmacies and Trusts to:

  • understand system issues
  • identify best practice which can be scaled
  • share insights and ideas
  • develop opportunities
  • deliver opportunities
  • measure associated benefits

If you represent a commissioning or provider organisation, and would like to learn how our opportunities might benefit you, contact us


Patients are at the heart of everything we do. We are focused on the quality of patient care and the health & wellbeing of patients. Even when focusing on financial savings, it's with the caveat to free up resources for investment in patient care.

We work with NHSBSA's Customer Insight team, which undertake regular surveys across a range of customers, including patients.

For opportunities which will have a direct patient impact on patient care, we involve patients or patient representative groups where appropriate.


We learn from private organisations regarding their innovations and how they can benefit the NHS.  We help signpost to relevant parts of the system.

When products or services are ready for spread and adoption, we may develop cases for change to encourage take up.


We provide opportunities within our team to graduate placements. When relevant, we look to involve universities as part of multidisciplinary teams when developing opportunities.

Innovation and delivery partners

Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs)

AHSNs focus on working in genuine partnership with local people and organisations to improve the health of the local community and contribute to building a thriving local economy.

We see AHSNs as a vital partner in the identification and delivery of opportunities. We have worked closely with a number of AHSNs on various opportunities and are aiming to do more, with closer collaboration with the central AHSN Network.

NHS RightCare

We collaborate with NHS RightCare on a number of different opportunities. Some of our opportunities have provided information and contacts to shape NHS RightCare reporting.