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Personal mobile data and broadband enhancements for NHS staff

The triage service is now closed ​​​

Applications for mobile and/or broadband enhancements can no longer be accepted. 
Find out about continuing offers on the NHS People Offers website.

Thank you to all NHS organisations that have taken the time to triage colleagues for mobile and/or broadband enhancements. This has ensured that eligible NHS frontline colleagues had the access they needed to additional mobile and broadband support during this pandemic.

Over 2,000 NHS colleagues have been helped through the triage system and more than 490,000 have claimed directly from their provider.

It’s been a challenging time so far and we hope that this gesture has made a difference to the working conditions of frontline clinicians and their patients.  

Privacy statement

By requesting an enhancement or improvement to your personal mobile, you consent to share the required data (as set out in the list above) via your employer (or NHS body triaging on your behalf). 

If you are not the primary account holder, you will be asked to provide the name of the person who is the primary account holder in addition to other data related to the account. 

In the first instance, this data will be shared with the NHS Business Services Authority, (who act on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care) This data will then be collated and shared with the telecommunications service provider (or “telco provider”) which you have identified as being your provider.  

Upon receipt of your data, the telecommunications service provider will act independently as a data controller for validation purposes, and where validation is confirmed, the telecommunications service provider will then fulfil their commitment by either applying any pre-agreed enhancement or improvement to your personal mobile account and/or offering you options to enhance or improve your personal mobile and/or broadband account. 

This may mean that your telecommunications service provider will contact you (or the primary account holder, if that is not you) directly via text, email or phone. In some circumstances, if you are not the primacy account holder, the telecommunications service provider may not be able to proceed. 

In the case of errors in the data or the processing, all bodies within this process reserve the right to contact you directly in order to resolve this.

These offers will be provided for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak and this duration period shall be determined by NHSX and DCMS in conjunction with the telecommunications service providers.  

Upon such time when any of these enhancements or improvements are due to end, your telecommunications service provider will contact you with reasonable notice via text, email or phone to let you know when this is coming to an end. 

The telecommunications service provider may ask you if you wish to discuss further options in respect of those enhancements or improvements.

You can find further information about how your telecommunications service provider processes and protects your personal data in their privacy policy.  Please ensure you check your providers privacy statements available online.

Roles and responsibilities 

View the NHS employer GDPR roles and responsibilities document.

NHS Employer GDPR Roles and Responsibilities (PDF: 149KB)