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Community Pharmacy Quality Payments Scheme

From 30 September 2019 the Quality Payment Scheme has changed to the Pharmacy Quality Scheme

Quality Payment Scheme declaration data from April 2017 to February 2019 is still available on this page.

Visit the Pharmacy Quality Scheme page for information about the October 2019 declaration.  


A Community Pharmacy Quality Payments Scheme, which forms part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF), was introduced in December 2016.

The Quality Payments Scheme was designed to reward community pharmacies for delivering quality criteria in all 3 of the quality dimensions:

  • clinical effectiveness
  • patient safety
  • patient experience

There's been 4 previous review points in April and November 2017, June 2018 and February 2019.

The February 2019 Quality Payment Scheme declaration opened Monday 4 February 2019 at 9am and closed Friday 1 March 2019 at 11:59pm.

The MYS application was available for contractors to submit their Quality Payment declaration for the February 2019 review.

There are also longer-term benefits of MYS outside of the Quality Payments Scheme.

The completion of the registration process for MYS provides an existing additional feature of MYS, which allows contractors to request and view the front and reverse of their pharmacy’s processed paper prescription forms submitted for payment.

MYS access authorisation

  1. Visit the Manage Your Service Scheme page
  2. Download and complete the MYS access authorisation form. Guidance on how to complete the form is included
  3. Email the form to: 

If you have any problems with the user authorisation process, contact the our provider assurance team by email:


Once your MYS access authorisation form has been submitted, we'll create user accounts for each person named on the form.

Each person will receive an email to their personal NHSmail address to register online for their individual MYS account.

Email our Provider Assurance team if you do not receive this email to your personal NHSmail account within 48 hours or if you need any help.

More information can be found on the Manage your service application page.

A new process for the validation of the gateway criteria was introduced in the February 2019 review. In this review, pre-payment validation was introduced as opposed to post-payment validation that has been used in previous reviews.

This revised process enabled contractors to be informed up front whether they had passed validation or if they were required to take corrective action to meet the gateway criteria before the payment is made.

Those contractors who failed validation were not eligible to receive a quality payment.

Declaration data

April 2017 declaration data November 2017 declaration data

June 2018 declaration data

February 2019 declaration data February 2020 declaration data
April 2017 declaration data (CSV: 2.2MB) November 2017 declaration data (CSV: 2.3MB) June 2018 declaration data (CSV: 2.4MB) February 2019 declaration data (CSV: 1.5MB) February 2020 declaration data (CSV: 533KB)
April 2017 gateway and quality criteria glossary (Word: 232KB) November 2017 gateway and quality criteria glossary (Word: 232KB) June 2018 gateway and quality criteria glossary (Word: 233KB) February  2019 gateway and quality criteria glossary (Word: 234KB) February 2020 gateway and quality criteria glossary (Excel: 25KB)

Quality Payments Scheme June 2018 review point

Verification of the QPS June 2018 review is on-going and will be undertaken in a number of steps:

  • liaising with other organisations, such as NHS Digital, to obtain data sets to validate the declarations submitted by contractors
  • engage with contractors to seek evidence and information where the contractor has not been verified as stated above
  • collate and share information with NHS England
  • NHS England determines outcome
  • where an overpayment recovery is required we will process this on behalf of NHS England

Quality Payments Scheme February 2019 review point

For the February 2019 review, pre-payment validation was performed on those accounts who submitted a declaration for the first time to help support contractors to meet the scheme requirements.

Pre-payment verification of the February 2019 review is on-going and will be undertaken in a number of steps similar to the June 2018 review point above.

Visit our latest news page for information on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2020/21 Part 2 - Primary Care Network prevention domain.