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Managing your submissions digitally

Our new ‘Manage Your Submissions’ app offers an online alternative to the current paper-based processes. It uses a secure platform, developed in line with user needs.

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) handles over 1 billion prescription items each year.

With increasing electronic prescription volumes, we've been planning how we can efficiently improve prescription pricing.

Since the beginning of 2017, we’ve been working on digitising:

  • pharmacy prescription submission forms (FP34C)
  • referred back items processes

These processes are currently very paper heavy.

What our aims are

Our aims are to:

  • provide a secure online alternative to the current paper based submission of the FP34C
  • reduce the number of disallowed items and unpaid items
  • save time for pharmacies while reducing our operating costs

Pharmacy staff currently spend a significant amount of time bundling prescriptions and processing forms for resubmission at the end of each month.  

We want to reduce the workload on pharmacies by easing pressures on sending their ‘end of month’ claims to us.

We’re therefore developing an online platform to replace the current FP34C submission form.

Our new ‘Manage Your Submissions’ app went live into private beta on Monday 25 September. We're testing it with 31 community pharmacies across the sector. This will allow us to identify and resolve any system issues before more opening it up to more pharmacies.

How this will affect your pharmacy

Once deployed, you'll be able to complete your end of month prescription submission online.

This means:

  • you’ll make your submission claim using an online equivalent to the FP34C.
  • any anomalies which might occur with the paper FP34C will be dramatically reduced
  • you’ll be able to view historical submissions in one place
  • you’ll have simpler management of your resubmissions, and therefore earlier payment of these items where applicable
  • post-payment verification of your prescriptions after they're processed and you've received your Schedule of Payment will be much easier

You’ll still need to send your paper prescriptions to the NHSBSA as normal.

What we will achieve

The new process will:

  • leave less room for error for both contractors and NHS Prescription Services
  • save time for contractors
  • reduce NHSBSA operating costs

This will create savings that we can reinvest in frontline patient care.

If you’d like more information about the project, please contact us at