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Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2020/21

The Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) 2020/21 will comprise of two parts:

  • Part 1 Essential Criteria Checklist will focus solely on COVID-19 activities, including individual COVID-19 risk assessments for all members of staff.
  • Part 2 will cover more general quality areas such as prevention and risk management.

Total funding for both parts is £75 million. Pharmacy contractors should note that they must complete and declare the completion of Part 1 in order to qualify for any payments in respect of any completion and declaration of Part 2.

Read the determination for Drug Tariff Part VIIA Pharmacy Quality Scheme Part 1 (PDF: 48KB). Pharmacy contractors should note that this is not reflected in the July 2020 Drug Tariff. 

Details of Part 2 will be published no later than in the September 2020 Drug Tariff.