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Catalyst - public insight portal

One Drug Database (ODD) has been implemented

You can read more about the implementation and how this affects our systems and reports.

Prescription data is available to the public through Catalyst.

To access Catalyst, you'll need to input the following ID and password:

  • ID - NHSBSAGuest
  • Password - Password1234

If the password is locked, the system automatically reinstates the password. This may take up to 20 minutes.

Access Catalyst

Reports available to view

You can view the following reports:

  • Controlled drugs
  • Prescribing monitoring
  • Prescribing comparators
  • Cost comparators
  • Volume comparators
  • Advance Flu Report - Pharmacy Contractors

Organisational & demographic information and Common Information Reports including Items and Fees Dispensed and Practice Items is also available.

Dashboards available to view

Evidence-based interventions (EBI)

This provides information about baseline activity and estimated activity reduction goals for 17 interventions targeted by the evidence-based interventions programme.

The dashboard has an activity of 5 or below redacted, in accordance with the Department of Health and NHS England Statistical Policy: Disclosure and Confidentiality policy.

You can view more information about the evidence-based interventions dashboard.

Medication safety indicators

This shows a set of prescribing indicators developed as part of a programme of work to reduce medication error and promote safer use of medicines, including:

  • prescribing
  • dispensing
  • administration
  • monitoring

You can view more information about the medication safety indicators dashboard.

Medicines Optimisation Dashboard

Medicines optimisation looks at the value that medicines deliver, making sure they are clinically effective and cost-effective.

The goal of medicines optimisation is to help patients to:

  • get the right choice of medicines, at the right time
  • access treatment that is clinically effective, based on the latest scientific discovery, at as low a price as possible
  • improve their outcomes
  • take their medicines correctly
  • avoid taking unnecessary medicines
  • reduce wastage of medicines
  • improve medicines safety 

You can view more information about the Medicines Optimisation Dashboard.

If you have previously viewed data and reports in ISP, you'll find there's differences between the data available in Catalyst and that which was in ISP. 

If you have previously downloaded data from ISP, you'll be unable to replicate the data by running your data from Catalyst. 

For more information, view our guide to the differences between the systems (Word: 250KB).

Reports which have previously been available in the Information Services Portal (ISP) via the guest log in have been moved to this new application.


Guide to differences between Catalyst and Information Services Portal (Word: 250 KB)

User guide (Word: 1MB)

Report information - information to help interpret reports

Data dictionary (Excel: 49KB)

Glossary of terms (Excel: 28KB)

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can contact us.