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Detailed prescribing information

We’re moving all of our drug data into one place

The ‘One Drug Database’ project is underway to provide a consistent, single source of information. The first release of new data is due in January 2020 (for November 2019 data).

There will be differences in the way data is presented. You can read more about the project, and how this affects our systems and reports.

This data includes figures on the number of prescription items that are dispensed each month and information relating to costs for English practices. It includes for each GP practice:

  • all prescribed and dispensed medicines (by chemical substance and presentation level)
  • dressings and appliances (at section level and presentation level)
  • the total number of items that were prescribed and then dispensed
  • the total Net Ingredient Cost (NIC) and the total Actual Cost of these items

It does not list each individual prescription and does not contain any patient identifiable data.


Help on how to use the data download facility is available.

Data at Chemical Substance and Presentation level can also be found on the NHS Digital website.