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We undertake surveys as part of the ongoing development of the information systems we provide.

ePACT survey

ePACT survey results (PDF: 467KB)

Between July and August 2014, we surveyed our information Service users to gain a more detailed understanding of how and why ePACT is used and what the most important functions are within the system. Feedback sessions were then conducted with those who said they would be willing to take part in more detailed research to enable the outcome of the survey to be validated and confirm our understanding.

GP Practice survey

GP Practice survey results (PDF: 246KB)

In order to understand the information requirements of GPs and GP practices, NHS Prescription Services requested feedback from the users of the ePFIP System which relates to a practice’s prescribing habits and costs.   The ePFIP System provides the following suite of reports; Prescribing Analysis Report (PAR), Prescribing Monitoring Document (PMD) and Practice Detailed Prescribing Information (PDPI). 

Information Services Portal

ISP User Satisfaction 2013: Executive Summary (PDF: 230 KB)

ISP User Satisfaction 2013: Summary (PDF 690 KB)

Following the successful launch of the Information Services Portal in May 2012 and subsequent update in November. NHS Prescription Services asked for feedback from users to ensure that the portal is meeting customer requirements and to help inform future decisions about its development and content.

Internet access 

Internet access Survey results (Word: 53KB)

NHS Prescription Services needed information about how users accessed the internet. This information was used to inform our decisions about which browsers the Information Services Portal will support so that NHS Prescription Services can provide the best user experience possible for all our Information System users.

Prescribing Toolkit

Prescribing Toolkit survey results (Word 224KB)

Prescribing Toolkit was designed to provide routinely required prescribing analysis data for information service users working in primary care.  As the focus of prescribing analysis has changed over time NHS prescription Services took the opportunity to review the information provided.

QIPP Comparators survey

QIPP Comparators survey results (Word 66KB)

NHS Prescription Services requested user feedback to inform decisions about presenting the QIPP comparator data in the most meaningful and useful manner to allow quick access to key information.