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Are you a continuing NHS Bursary student whose course starts again in April/May 2017?

All invite letters to apply for an NHS Bursary for continuing students whose next academic year begins in April/May 2017 were sent out on 10 January 2017.

These letters were sent attached to an email. Please make sure you regularly check your spam/junk folder in case your email provider sends the email from us there. You should also check your email settings to ensure you allow email attachments to be sent through to your inbox rather than straight to spam/junk. We send invites to the contact details we have for you, so don’t forget to update your Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) account if your details change.

If your course recommences in April/May 2017 and you haven’t received the email, please go ahead and make your application now by logging onto your current BOSS account then clicking the link ‘apply/reapply for an NHS Bursary’. We need to receive your application through BOSS and all of the supporting evidence that we ask you for, before 28 February 2017.

Please remember that until you send us all of your supporting evidence and your student coversheet (which you can print from BOSS) we cannot begin to assess your entitlement.
If you meet your application window deadline of 28 February 2017 and your application is approved, your monthly payments will be set up ready for the start of your next academic year.

Read our further guidance for continuing students.

New students do not receive an ‘invite to apply’ so if the first year of your course starts in March - June 2017 and you have received an offer of an NHS funded place you can apply now for your first bursary. New students should read this important information before you create a BOSS account and make your application.