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Social Work Bursary allocations and rates for 2016/17 published by the Department of Heath

The Department of Health (DH) have today confirmed that the rates for the 2016/17 academic year will remain the same as the current year (2015/16).

The DH Social Work Bursary information packs can be found here:

Read our student guides to Social Work Bursaries here:

DH have also confirmed the bursary capping allocation numbers for each university/college that offers undergraduate and postgraduate social work courses.

The capping nomination spreadsheets have now been sent out to all universities/colleges and once we receive the completed spreadsheets back we will be able to write out to students to let them know if they have been allocated one of the limited places for bursary funding.

We’re very sorry for the delay in you receiving this information and we’re working with universities and colleges to help get this capping information returned to us as soon as possible. However, due to the time of year, a lot of university/college staff will have finished for the summer break and will not be able to return these capping nomination spreadsheets to us until the 2016/17 academic year has begun.

We appreciate that this is a very difficult situation for social work students to be in as you may not find out if you have been allocated a bursary until after your course starts.

We’ll put a daily tweet and Facebook post up linking you to our Ask Us article that contains the names of universities/colleges who have returned their spreadsheets to us, so that you do not need to contact our helpline to find out if your university/college has sent it in yet. Once we receive a capping nomination spreadsheet, you’ll be notified within 10 working days if you have been allocated a bursary funded place.