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Social work bursary students need to confirm their childcare costs for Term 2 now!

If you are a social work student who is currently receiving the Childcare Allowance element of the Social Work Bursary, a form has been emailed to you that must be completed, signed and returned to us.

Failure to return your form will result in delayed payment or non payment of your Childcare Allowance for Term 3.

Please ask your childcare provider to complete the table on the form to detail the fees for your childcare in the period 28 December 2015 to 1 May 2016. If you have used more than one childcare provider in this period you must use a separate form for each of them. Do not include any costs covered by free Early Years Education.

Please post your completed Student and Childcare Provider Declarations and Childcare reconciliation form/s to: 

Social Work Bursaries

PO Box 141

200-220 Broadway



If you haven’t received the email from us with the form attached, please contact to request it is resent.