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We are in the final stages of preparing 2016/17 Annual Benefit Statements /Total Reward Statements

We are in the final stages of preparing 2016/17 Annual Benefit Statements /Total Reward Statements

Thank you to those of you who submitted and cleansed your data in time for the 23 June 2017 cut off.

What’s happening now?

We have run the pension calculations for over two million members. These calculations have now been sent to our supplier for them to be merged into the Annual Benefit Statements/Total Reward Statements and some assurance testing will be carried out before the statements are made available. The refreshed statements will go live towards the end of August. We will contact you again when statements are available.

Please note: Statements will be unavailable for about five days while they are refreshed. There will be a message on the website during that time.

What should I be doing now?

  • Update your local benefits and branding (ESR employers only)

You can log in to ESR and update your local employment benefits and branding. Guidance on how to do this is available on the Total Reward Statement information website.

  • Promote Total Reward Statements

How can I promote the Annual Benefit Statements/Total Reward Statements?

We have a range of communication products available on our website to help you promote Annual Benefit Statements/Total Reward Statements to your employees.

There is a selection of templates you can use in emails or in your local communication channels. You can also download some icons and characters, along with the branding guidelines which show how the logo can and can’t be used. Please note: the logo and guidelines have changed this year.

We have also prepared a series of Annual Benefit Statement and Total Reward Statement posters:

  • It’s coming (for use in the run up to the statement refresh)
  • It’s here (for use when the refreshed statements go live)
  • Don’t forget (for use further down the line to keep your employees aware of the statements).

Some alternative posters will soon be available from our website for you to use.

Don’t forget, there is also a lot of useful information on our website for your employees. It tells them more about the statements, explains what they contain and how to access them. There are also a couple of helpful videos:

  • Total Reward Statement (TRS) and Annual Benefit Statement (ABS) overview
  • What is an Annual Benefit Statement (ABS)?
  • What is a Total Reward Statement (TRS)?