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Ophthalmic Provider Assurance

We have launched a pilot which aims to introduce a national standardised approach to Ophthalmic Post Payment Verification (PPV). 

This pilot has been initiated to bring consistency to Ophthalmic PPV in England.

We'll deliver this pilot on behalf of NHS England, as we have a proven track record in delivering similar services for pharmacy and dentistry.

You can view our documents for more general information about this:

Pre-authorisation of adult GOS 4 claims - November update (PDF. 235KB)

Ophthalmic provider assurance - pilot update (October 2018)

Pre-authorisation of Audit GOS 4 claims - National Briefing (September 2018)

Ophthalmic Provider Assurance national briefing

Ophthalmic Provider Assurance Wessex area briefing

Ophthalmic Provider Assurance West Yorkshire and Harrogate area briefing

Contractors perspective process map


Ophthalmic Provider Assurance privacy notice

We provide a range of services on behalf of the NHS.

Why we process your information

We're currently delivering a service which aims to verify the accuracy of claims made by contractors who deliver services under the General Ophthalmic Services Contract. 

We've been instructed to do this work on behalf of NHS England, who have authorised us to access and review information as per the General Ophthalmic Services Contracts Regulations 2008.

It's a requirement of the GOS contract that contractors agree to take part in PPV. Patients also agree that their information can be used for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud when they sign a GOS form.

We'll use your information to check that the provider of Ophthalmic Services has been making appropriate claims.

This will involve checking the content of the GOS form with the clinical evidence provided by the GOS Contractor.

Keeping your Information

If your information has been used for PPV, we'll retain a copy for 2 years for audit and review purposes. After 2 years, the information will be deleted or destroyed.

Any physical copies of your information will either be returned to the ophthalmic contractor or destroyed. 

Sharing your Information

We're delivering this service on behalf of NHS England and summaries of activity will be shared between us. These summaries will not include any patient level data.

To prevent, detect and investigate fraud and errors, we may share your information with:

  • NHS Counter Fraud Authority
  • The Department for Work and Pensions
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Veterans UK
  • NHS Commissioners and service providers

Your information will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area.

Your rights

The information you provided will be managed as required by Data Protection law.

You have the right to:

  • receive a copy of the information the NHSBSA hold about you
  • request your information be amended if you believe it is not accurate
  • request that your information be deleted if you believe we are keeping it for longer than necessary

Find out more about your rights and how we process information.