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Automation Tester

You'll use automation software to verify the quality of the digital applications and services that we have developed.


You'll need to:

  • make sure the system or product being produced is top quality
  • create automated test suites that use tools to automatically test systems
  • test the system under development using:
    • accessibility tools and methods to make sure it's fit for use for all users
    • compatibility tools and methods to make sure it can be used on all modern day browsers and devices
    • performance tools and methods to make sure it can handle modern day load and pressure
  • work with:
    • Business Analysts to understand the requirements of the system and agree acceptance criteria
    • Software Developers to understand and resolve system problems and issues
  • take responsibility for making sure:
    • the quality of the released system is within requirements and to standard
    • all stakeholders are communicated with and to during and following test execution
    • all automated test scripts are maintainable so that the tests can be used, supported and expanded in future
  • participate in the test community which defines our standards, reviews, shares best practice and experience and investigates new tools and techniques