Payments to Dentists

We take data collected from FP17s and the Payments Online system to calculate payments to over 10,500 providers.
  • We manage the payment process to all independent dental providers for their NHS services.
  • Each month we calculate the payments due to every dental provider, net of patient charges declared and additions and deductions specified in each individual contract for that month.
  • We provide business services in situations involving dispute, probate or bankruptcy.

The payments we make to dental providers are made in accordance with the relevant Statement of Financial Entitlement, copies of which can be accessed by clicking on the relevant links below:

GDS Statement of Financial Entitlement for England 2013

PDS Statement of Financial Entitlement for England 2013

GDS Statement of Financial Entitlement for Wales

PDS Statement of Financial Entitlement for Wales

In England, to apply for a personal payment under the Statement of Financial Entitlements (SFE) for Parental Leave (Maternity, Paternity or Adoptive Parents Leave), Long Term Sickness or Non-Domestic Rates relating to 2013/14 onwards you will need to complete the following form and return it to NHS Dental Services at the address shown on the top of the form, together with any evidence specified.

Applications for the above SFE Payments for 12/13 or any other prior year, or if you are applying for reimbursement of travel and/or subsistence for approved Section 63 Courses or if your claim relates to adding a Foundation Dentist to your contract, these should be sent to your Area Team, please do not send to Dental Services as this will delay your application.

Application for Personal Payment under the Statement of Financial Entitlement 

If want to update your bank account details log into your Compass account, select the Provider menu option and then click on Provider Bank Account Update. You should enter a reason as to why you need to change the details and then click 'Save' to confirm the update. More information on Compass can be found at