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Dental data

We provide information on dental data through eDEN dashboards and reports hosted on the NHSBSA Dental Services CoMPASS system. These products can help to identify trends and inform decisions in order to deliver value for money services.

The information we provide is used to help with:

  • performance management
  • financial planning
  • following clinical best practice
  • compliance with regulations
  • identifying outlier behaviour.

We provide information to:

  • NHS Commissioners
  • NHS stakeholders
  • the general public
  • academic researchers.

Please note that throughout 2020 we will be running a pilot scheme to enable eDEN access for Providers.

Published data

We produce reports which are freely available to the public.

We also have a team who will answer any questions you might have about the data. 

You can make a data request or contact us if you have any queries.