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Ophthalmic data

We collate data provided by Primary Care Support England (PCSE) and receive data files sourced from the Open Exeter and EGOS systems.

The information we provide is used to help with:

  • activity at various health geographies
  • identifying outlier behaviour
  • performance management

We provide information to:

  • NHS Commissioners
  • NHS Stakeholders

The data in our eOPS reporting tool is provided by a third-party provider. We do not have any control over the source data and how it is collected.

Ophthalmic Systems

We provide information on ophthalmic data to registered users through eOPS dashboards.

A variety of dashboards have been built for NHS England and improvement commissioners based on both user and clinical feedback.

These products can help to identify trends and inform decisions to provide value for money services.

eOPS is an online application which allows you to:

  • access ophthalmic data faster
  • manage user friendly reports
  • refresh and export dashboards and flat data tables
  • view data visualisations

Read more information about eOPS.

Contact us if you have any queries.