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January 2022 ePACT2 data

On 22 March 2022, we identified a potential issue with January 2022 ePACT2 data relating to STAR-PUs. 

We've found this issue only affected dashboards containing STAR-PU information and we have worked to correct this. However, if you have used any dashboard data relating to STAR-PUs since January 2022 data was loaded into ePACT2, we would advise that this data is re-run to make sure you have the correct figures. 
Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

​ePACT2 gives authorised users access to prescription data and allows you to:

  • access easy to use interactive reports and dashboards
  • look at high level data summaries down to individual prescription item and patient level detail
  • build bespoke analysis
  • export data from reports and dashboards

Log in to ePACT2

We recommend you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access ePACT2.

Important information and updates 

NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) reorganisation as of 1 April 2021

Changes due to the CCG reorganisation have been implemented with effect from April 2021 dispensing data and have been implemented across all our reporting systems where applicable - Information Services Portal (ISP), Open Data Portal (OPD) and ePACT2.

Read more about the changes and how it affects our systems and reports (Word: 64KB).

What is ePACT2?

We have produced a short video that explains what ePACT2 is and the data it holds.

Download the video transcript (Word: 240KB)

Registering for ePACT2

You can view details on how to request access to ePACT2. This includes:

  • who can register
  • who can authorise access to ePACT2
  • levels of access to data available

Understanding ePACT2 data

Data is available 6 weeks after the dispensing month

An explanation of the fields held in the system is available on the Data Dictionary (Excel: 49 KB).

You can use the age logic summary flowchart (PDF: 205 KB) for information on how patient age is determined in ePACT2.

ePACT2 contains data down to single prescription level. If you have access to this level of data, remember that you cannot share confidential data outside of your organisation. For this reason, you should read and agree to the ePACT2 User Agreement as part of the registration process.

Training and support

A range of training materials are available for ePACT2.  These are tailored to our different types of users and include written and video guides.

You can also book ePACT2 training webinars with the training team.

You can also sign up to our ePACT2 user forum where you can get useful advice, updates on ePACT2 improvements and discuss ideas with other ePACT2 users.  Go to the NHS Futures platform to request access to our forum.

If you have any queries or need support to use ePACT2, contact our support team by:


If you would prefer a response via a Microsoft Teams chat or phone call, state this at the beginning of your message.


It’s important for us to receive your feedback to help us improve the system and services we provide.

You can send your feedback to:

Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

Report information

The information provided will help you put the data included within reports into context.