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Dashboards and specifications

There are a number of dashboards which are available to all users of ePACT2.


Various dashboards are available:

Antimicrobial stewardship

A dashboard supporting the monitoring of SICBL performance in delivering the 'antibiotic quality premium'

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) and electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) utilisation dashboard

An ePACT2 dashboard to support local interventions to drive the growth of EPS and eRD use

Evidence-based interventions

To provide SICBLs and ICBs information on baseline activity figures and estimated activity reduction goals

Medication safety

A set of prescribing indicators developed to reduce medication error and promote safer use of medicines

National medicines optimisation opportunities

A dashboard that brings together data to support the national medicines optimisation opportunities 2023/24

Medicines optimisation - generic prescribing

Helps prescribers and commissioners to deliver better care value with improved access to relevant data

Medicines optimisation - polypharmacy

Comparators to help SICBLs and GP practices understand the variation in prescribing of multiple medicines

Mental health prescribing comparators

Metrics that allow users to identify groups of patients who may need a prescribing review or monitoring.

Over the counter items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care

Data in the use of medicines prescribed for conditions where a patient could seek relief from a local pharmacy

Premium-priced generics

To assist in the monitoring of generics prescribed stipulated with a supplier/manufacturer

Respiratory dashboard

A dashboard to highlight variation in prescribing across SICBLs in England

Safer management of controlled drugs

To support CD Accountable Officers a number of metrics have been created to view variation of CD prescribing