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Safer management of controlled drugs

In order to support the work of controlled drug (CD) accountable officers and SICBLs, a working group has supported us in the development of some CD metrics.

The group have chosen a number of specific areas of prescribing to focus on, based on the specialist opinion of the working group involved in their development and available data at the time of development. 

These metrics will enable detailed scrutiny of CD prescribing at NHS England ICB, SICBL and practice level and the follow up of outliers. 

The metrics will also be useful to help NHS England CD accountable officers and SICBLs to see the variation in prescribing of CDs across different areas within England. A decision can then be made to determine if this variation is warranted or unwarranted and if and how they may wish to address this.

If you're registered, you can access the safer management of CDs dashboard using ePACT2.