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NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) reorganisation as of 1 April 2021

The changes will apply to April 2021 dispensing data which will be released mid-June and will be implemented across all our reporting systems where applicable (Information Services Portal (ISP), Open Data Portal (OPD) and ePACT2).

Read more about the changes and how it affects our systems and reports (Word: 64KB).

BNF Code Changes January 2021

The annual BNF version changes are due to be implemented with January 2021 dispensing data. Planned publication of this data is around mid-March 2021. Read more about the changes and how it affects our systems and reports.

ePACT2 gives authorised users access to prescription data.

You can access online analyses of prescribing data held by NHS Prescription Services. Data is available 6 weeks after the dispensing month.

    ePACT2 provides easy-to-use analysis, reports and dashboards including the ability to:

    • interrogate prescription data
    • create data visualisations using interactive reports and dashboards
    • look at high level data summaries down to individual prescription item detail
    • export data from reports and dashboards
    • access whole country data
    • view patterns of prescribing at patient level

    ePACT2 has been updated with the new NHS Organisation Structure. You can read more about the re-organisation and how it affects our systems and reports.

    Access ePACT2


    Registering for ePACT2

    You can view details on how to request access to ePACT2. This includes:

    • who can register
    • who can authorise access to ePACT2
    • levels of access to data available

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    It’s important for us to receive your feedback to help us improve the system and services we provide.

    You can send your feedback to:

    ePACT2 User Agreement (EUA)

    ePACT2 contains data down to single prescription level. If you have access to this level of data, remember that you cannot share confidential data outside of your organisation. For this reason, you should read and agree to the ePACT2 User Agreement as part of the registration process.

    ePACT2 privacy impact assessment summary

    You can read our ePACT2 privacy impact assessment summary (PDF: 102 KB).

    Understanding ePACT2 data

    Certain parts of ePACT and ePACT2 are not comparable. This is because we have enhanced ePACT2 to provide an improved data set.

    View our guide to the differences between ePACT and ePACT2 (Word: 252KB).

    An explanation of the fields held in the system is available on the Data Dictionary (Excel: 49 KB).

    You can use the age logic summary flowchart (PDF: 205 KB) for information on how patient age is determined in ePACT2.

    Training and support

    A range of training materials are available for ePACT2, including ‘how to’ and video guides.

    Information on other ePACT2 training options is available.

    If you have any queries or need support to use ePACT2, contact our support team by:

    Telephone: 0191 2035050

    Find out about call charges

    ePACT2 dashboards

    There are a number of dashboards which are available to all ePACT2 users.

    Information on the available dashboards and their specifications is available at ePACT2 dashboards.

    Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.