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Registering for ePACT2

Read the following guidance before submitting your request to access ePACT2.

If you're a GP practice requiring access to ePACT2, you must complete the GP practice access ePACT2 registration form (Word: 304KB). The request must be authorised by a registered GP at your practice.

All users must agree to the terms of the ePACT user agreement before being given access.

Access to ePACT2 is not available to pharmacy contractors and commercial organisations.

Who can register

To access prescriber level data, you must be authorised by either your organisation’s Caldicott Guardian or nominated authoriser. Primary Care Networks (PCNs) must be authorised by the PCN Clinical Director. 

You can find the Caldicott Guardian for your organisation by downloading the Caldicott Guardian register on NHS Digital

Financial data is available to anyone authorised by their Head of Finance/Finance Director, or the budget holder in a CCG, such as Head of Medicines Management/Optimisation. 

Requests must be submitted from the Head of Finance/Finance Director's or budget holder's email account and include a full signature to confirm their role. Caldicott Guardians cannot authorise access to financial data.

Requests must be submitted from the authoriser’s email account. The level of access must be stated in the request. For example, prescriber level data only, financial data only or prescriber and financial.

For prescriber level and financial access, we cannot accept registration requests from the person who requires access.

Levels of access available

There are five levels of access available:

  • GP practice – access to practice reports at prescriber level plus access to predefined NHSBSA dashboards only.
  • Prescriber level – includes access to data to produce your own analysis and reports.
  • Financial – access to Itemised Prescribing Payment (IPP) reports and remuneration reports, and to practice level data for all organisations. This includes access to data to produce your own analysis and reports. This level of access is not available to GP practices.
  • National dashboards – includes NHSBSA clinical and cost saving dashboards, and predefined reports at practice level.
  • National level – practice level data for all organisations, which includes access to produce your own analysis and reports. You need to justify why this level of access is needed.

The following types of organisations can register:

  • NHS England STPs CD Accountable Officers.
  • Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs).
  • Primary Care Organisations (PCO) which includes CCGs and local authorities.
  • GP practices/cost centres.
  • Primary Care Networks (PCNs).
  • Independent sector healthcare providers and hospital trust providers.
  • Commissioning Support Units (CSUs).
  • Hospital trusts.
  • Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs).
  • Public sector and other organisations who need to monitor and manage prescribing data in primary care.

National-level data is available to organisations who can provide a valid reason for requiring access to view the data, including:

  • DHSC users
  • NHS Digital
  • other organisations who need access at national level (England)

To register for ePACT2, email us at

Once you’ve activated your account, your user ID will be deactivated if you do not access the system for 6 consecutive months. 

Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.