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We provide health bodies with more than 20 reports each month. We have developed these reports for people monitoring the dental contracts and they include information about payments and activity.


  • provide health bodies with the most up-to-date processed activity for all their dental contracts
  • monitor progress of contracts against contracted levels of activity and highlight areas of activity which may be causes for concern
  • report patient charge revenue accrued from activity against revenue which has been collected
  • produce reports at the end of each financial year detailing the year end position for each contract - this process is repeated every six months

You can view a timetable for the production and publication of the reports:

Reports production and publication timetable June - October 2019 (PDF: 10KB)

Guidance for year end statement of activity (PDF: 102KB)

Vocational dental practitioner (VDP) report

The VDP report presents a high level overview of a VDP performer’s activity along with a detailed analysis of the general dental activity scheduled for the report period.

For monitoring purposes the report is sent to the contractor to enable monitoring of the breadth of clinical experience gained by VDPs during their vocational training year.

Guidance on this report is available:

VDP report guidance (PDF: 232KB)

PDS plus report

The PDS plus monitoring report has information about PDS plus contracts with details of activity, access and KPI performance measures. It includes the latest month and financial year to date information.

For monitoring purposes the report is sent to both the contractor and the health body on a monthly basis.

Guidance on this report is available:

PDS plus monitoring report guidance (PDF: 149KB)

Exception report

Each quarter we provide every health body with a set of reports to assist them in monitoring their contracts.


  • signal any contract activities that are outside an expected range, based on their peer group.
  • provide detailed information, where required, so health bodies can get a clearer idea of the issues involved.
  • offer advice on options for managing exceptional activity.
  • update our exception reports every quarter so health bodies can assess the impact of any action they may have taken. 

The exception report tolerances document (PDF: 277 KB) provides tolerances for each of the indicators on the exception report.

The exception report guidance document (PDF: 230 KB) explains how the thresholds have been calculated, along with definitions for each of the indicators.

Wales GDS Reform Programme Report

This report provides information about contracts on the Wales GDS Reform Programme. Reports are available to contracts and Health Boards on a quarterly, six-monthly, and annual basis.

Guidance on this report is available:

Wales GDS Reform Programme Quarterly Report Guidance (PDF:225KB)Wales GDS Reform Programme Report Annual Guidance (PDF: 232KB)