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Dental Assurance Framework (DAF) report

The purpose of the quarterly DAF report is to support a standardised approach to contract performance managementmm and to effectively make use of the extensive data currently available.  

Indicators used are designed to be informative about overall dental health system performance. They do not give a complete picture, and other information will be needed to inform a wider appreciation. 

The indicators are therefore designed to produce ’flags for attention’ which are highlighted in red. These can then be followed up with other information available, further analysis and discussions with contractors and performers, if necessary.

The DAF report presents key performance indicators based on the data submitted by the practice. Examples are UDA totals, re-attendance rates and clinical dataset items such as Inlays.

The activity information on the DAF report is based on schedule months.

View the Dental assurance framework for May on NHS England (PDF: 1167KB).

Instructions on how to access the DAF reports on Compass can be found on our Compass guidance and tutorials page. The Report Type is, ‘DAFGPR’ - Dental Assurance Framework General Provider Report.