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Help us to improve our data products

We're always looking at ways to improve our data products. We can only do this with your help and feedback.

We want to talk regularly to people:

  • in different roles
  • who work in different parts of the country
  • with different accessibility needs
  • with different digital skill levels

We are keen to talk to a range of people, so we can get a range of perspectives and insights that helps us improve product development and refinement. 

We want to make sure that any changes we make to our products improves your experience. We’re working to make sure the dashboards are relevant and easy to use, and follow best practice for data visualisation.

Sign up for user research

Sign up to take part in further research

Completing this quick survey lets us find out more about you and what types of research interest you. We cannot guarantee that you will be invited to participate, and if you do it might not be immediately. We will not contact you more than a few times per year. Where possible, we will update you on the findings of our research.

We want to hear all feedback

We're keen to get as many perspectives as possible. We want to hear all feedback, whether good or bad. We want to hear about your experience to find out what’s working and what’s not.

It doesn't matter if you use our systems a little or a lot. We're interested in whether the changes we make help you to navigate more easily or understand data more quickly, by reducing the thinking that you have to do.  

You can get involved in different ways, such as interviews, surveys and testing our designs.

Benefits of getting involved

You can:

  • directly impact the future of our products and service with your shared experience
  • raise issues for development or improvement
  • help test solutions to see whether they meet the desired intention
  • connect with our friendly user researchers, who appreciate your insights
  • learn more about how user research is done

User research at the NHSBSA

Over the next few months, the look and feel of eDEN, eOPS, and ePACT2 will change as we look to:

  • automate the onboarding process, making it easier to get registered and get access to the different systems
  • improve the user experience, in terms of how data is presented, and make sure content is inclusive and accessible
  • make sure there is consistency in the design and layout of all systems
  • make sure that the data and content is readable and clear, by improving labels and descriptions so you can easily use, access, and navigate across the systems to the data that you need
  • make sure that data can be viewed in a variety of formats (for example, chart, graph or table) and that these can be downloaded or exported easily
  • reduce issues that cause confusion or frustration
  • reduce error codes or sessions being timed out
  • improve how people use each system, making sure the system is more intuitive, easy to use, and that you can get the information you need as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • reduce inactive users