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ePACT2 training

We've designed a range of training options and materials to help you to use ePACT2.

These include:

  • open courses and bespoke off-site training days
  • WebEx sessions that cover specific topics

For self-guided learning, user guides and videos can can be found in the user guides section

Open courses

We offer open ePACT2 training courses across the country:


Available dates


Friars Gate, Solihull

Wednesday 22 May

£200 per person

Oracle City Office, London

Tuesday 18 June

Wednesday 19 June

£200 per person

Ridgway House, Bolton

Tuesday 9 July

Wednesday 10 July

£200 per person

Stella House, Newcastle

Monday 9 September

Tuesday 10 September


Sessions are limited to 10 people. 

The introductory one day overview course is delivered to a set agenda:

  • access and navigate the system
  • get the most out of the pre-built reports and dashboards
  • create analysis to build your own reports
  • create and save filters
  • build visualisations / charts using views

ePACT2 overview training agenda (PDF: 164KB)ePACT2 overview training guide (PDF: 3.22 MB)

You will need a WiFi enabled laptop to take part in the session.

If you would like to attend an open course, email:

Bespoke training

We can also offer bespoke off-site training for any organisation. These session will be held at a venue of your choice.

There is a set charge per session to cover trainer expenses. Sessions are limited to 15 attendees.

We can tailor sessions to meet your specific needs. You can pick any area of ePACT2 and we will build a course around your needs.

The overview course agenda can be used a starting point with specific content added to suit your needs.

ePACT2 overview training agenda (PDF: 164KB)ePACT2 overview training guide (PDF: 3.22 MB)

For more information, email:


You'll need to arrange a suitable venue. 

Venues will need to be able to accommodate the number of people attending and include sufficient power points for laptop charging.

Facilities should include the ability to present information to a group (using a projector or HDMI connectable screen) and access to a suitable WiFi network.


All attendees will need to have accessed the system prior to the session and will need a WiFi enabled laptop to participate in the session.

WebEx sessions

You can have a personal WebEx session to cover any ePACT2 requirement you might have.

Only you or your invited colleagues will be connected to the WebEx session.

An introductory overview session can be booked covering the main areas of the system if you are new to ePACT2.

WebEx sessions are booked as 1.5 hour slots.

If you'd like to arrange a WebEx session, email: