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National medicines optimisation opportunities

The national medicines optimisation opportunities dashboard has been developed with NHS England to bring together data to support the national medicines optimisation opportunities 2023/24It includes metrics to support 9 of the opportunity areas described in the NHSE guidance and we will add more when we can.

We plan to update the data monthly, but we may make this update a day or two after the monthly ePACT2 prescription data refresh.

Most of the broad medicines optimisation opportunity areas are too complex to be completely summarised in the single metric selected. The metrics shown here may just be a starting point to understand the situation of any local health system. Further national and local data, as well as more sophisticated comparisons or local knowledge, is likely to be essential for interpreting the data. This is also the case for planning and assessing any action. Where possible, we’ve included pointers within the dashboard for where you can start to look for more detailed information.

You can feedback to us, share and discuss any advice, or tell us about any other sources of information or useful knowledge on the FutureNHS ePACT2 user forum. You can also contact

Dashboard Specification Documents

National MO Opportunities Dashboard Specification - May 2024 (Word: 8.37MB)

Appendix 1

A1_Metric_11_GHG_EF_Ihhalers (Excel: 51KB)1_metric_15_PAIN03_202312 (Excel: 152KB)