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About our data

When you visit an optician, the information collected is sent to Primary Care Support England (PCSE). They're responsible for any payments to providers of NHS General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) such as, vision correcting devices, repairs or replacement services, and sight tests, either in-store, at home or at any other place of business.

We receive a digital copy of the processed data. We use this to provide our analysis and reports.

We also use data from our Ophthalmic contract management system to produce reports.

We have different types of data available.


We hold information relating to NHS GOS contracts that identifies:

  • who holds the contract
  • the location of the contract
  • who performed the sight test or supplied any optical device


We hold data that identifies any GOS activity including:

  • if a test was carried out and if any devices were supplied
  • who performed the test or supplied a device, including any additional components supplied
  • the reasons for performing a test or supplying any vision correcting appliances


We currently do not hold any financial information. From the beginning of the financial year 2024/2025 reports based on calculated claim values will be available.


We work closely with NHS England and PCSE to identify contract outliers.

This allows us to identify any risks to the provision and quality of primary care ophthalmic services.

We provide tailored reports for specific areas to help improve the assurance within primary care ophthalmic services.