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To facilitate the DDRB uplift, the ‘contract amend’ function of Compass will be unavailable between 6pm on Friday 18 October and 1pm on Monday 21 October 2019

Make sure all unauthorised contract changes are authorised or rejected before this time. Any outstanding changes at 6pm on Friday 18 October will be automatically rejected.

Compass is the dental contract management system for commissioners, providers, performers and practice staff.

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Adding or removing performers - England only

Use the contract amend function on Compass to:

  • add or remove performers from your contract
  • change the allocation of NPE / NPEE between performers

Do not forget to click on 'Submit' after you have made your changes or they will be lost

You’ll need to email the completed Compass authorisation form CAF (Excel: 49KB) to your commissioning organisation within 7 days of submitting the changes.

Read the ‘Guidance notes’ tab within the document for advice on how to complete the form.  Once completed, send the form to the appropriate email address in the ‘contact details’ tab.

Compass user agreement

Make sure you've read, understood and accepted the Compass terms and conditions in the Compass user agreement (PDF: 217KB).

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8th October 2019

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