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Some Compass functionality will be unavailable between 6pm on Friday 29 September and 10am on Monday 2 October  

The following functions will be suspended:

- contract setup
- contract amend
- closed contract amend
- allocate FDs to contract

Any contract changes not approved by 6pm on Friday 29 September will be automatically rejected and will need to be re-entered when functionality returns. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

Log in to Compass

Find out how to change or reset your Compass password or memorable word (PDF: 632KB).

To help you get the most from Compass, we’ve produced a range of help, guidance and tutorials for Compass users.

View the schedule programme.

Adding, removing, or amending performers - England only

To add or remove a performer from your contract, or to amend their estimated earnings, you must:

  1. Make the change using the ‘Contract Amend’ function on Compass.
  2. Complete a Compass authorisation form (CAF) and email it to your commissioner.

You must submit a CAF within 7 days of making the changes on Compass.Compass Authorisation Form (Excel: 46KB)​​​​

Compass user agreement

Make sure you've read, understood and accepted the Compass terms and conditions in the Compass user agreement (PDF: 217KB).

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