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NHS England's changes to the dental contract came into effect from 1 October 2022

Read our news articles for more information: 
FP17 and FP17O changes from 1 October 2022Units of dental activity (UDA) changes to Band 2 treatments from Friday 25 November 2022

Compass is the dental contract management system for commissioners, providers, performers and practice staff. 

Log in to Compass

Find out how to change or reset your Compass password or memorable word (PDF: 632KB).

Older versions of web browsers might not let you access Compass or WebEDI. For more information view our news article Upgrade your web browser to maintain access to Compass and WebEDI.

To help you get the most from Compass, we’ve produced a range of help, guidance and tutorials for Compass users.

View the schedule programme.

All content for Coronavirus (COVID-19) has moved and is now available on a new Coronavirus information for Dental contracts page.

Changes to Compass

Compass has a new look and we've added some new features. Your login credentials to access Compass have not changed. However, as a security measure, the system will timeout after a period of inactivity and you will be asked to log back in.

Find out more about the changes in our Compass guidance - September 2021 (PDF: 878KB).

Adding or removing performers - England only

Use the contract amend function on Compass to:

  • add or remove performers from your contract
  • change the allocation of NPE / NPEE between performers

Do not forget to select Submit after you have made your changes or they will be lost.

Complete the Compass authorisation form (Excel: 67KB) and email it to your commissioning organisation within 7 days of submitting the changes.

Read the Guidance notes tab within the document for advice on how to complete the form.  Once completed, send the form to the appropriate email address in the Contact details tab.

Compass user agreement

Make sure you've read, understood and accepted the Compass terms and conditions in the Compass user agreement (PDF: 217KB).

Mid-year 2022/23 review letters are now available

9th December 2022

To view your mid-year review letter, log in to Compass.

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