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Regulations and handbooks

There are regulations for the terms on which dental services are provided under the National Health Service Act 1977.

These are the original regulations and must be read with the amending statutory instruments:NHS (General Dental Services Contracts) Regulations 2005NHS (Personal Dental Services Agreements) Regulations 2005NHS (General Dental Services Contracts) (Wales) Regulations 2006NHS (Personal Dental Services Agreements) (Wales) Regulations 2006The National Health Service (Dental Charges) (Amendment) Regulations 2020

Dental handbooks and guidance

When evaluating compliance with Clinical Governance, our Clinical Advisers use the NHSBSA Dental Services practice inspection booklet template (PDF: 259KB). This ensures a consistent approach to practice inspections.

You can use the template during training or as a guide for upcoming inspections.

Read our  Dental handbook for commissioners, practices and dentists (PDF: 1.9MB)
 for advice on:

  • general contract management, both clinical and financial aspects
  • management of practices for commissioners and contract holders

Dental contract reform

Practices that are involved in our dental contract reform programme can read our Dental contract reform handbook (PDF: 3.5MB).  This considers the differences needed to allow practices to deliver services under the programme.

The handbooks are updated regularly.  Make sure you’re always using the latest version.