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NHS Dental Services

Dental Contract Reform

Includes how the programme works, the clinical philosophy that underpins it, remuneration and feedback so far

Dental Provider Assurance

Dental Provider Assurance services deliver performance and contract management activities.


Log in to Compass, get access to help materials and view the user agreement

Activity, payment and pension services

Includes FP17 processing, provider and performer pensions and SFE payments.

Information for patients

Patient refunds, dental exemption checking, how to complain about your dentist


An online application giving authorised users access to dental activity data.

NHS Dental Services news

Standard operating procedures for primary care settings

28th February 2020

NHS England and NHS Improvements have produced a ‘ Standard operating procedures for primary care settings’

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Universal Credit: Help your patients avoid costly mistakes

27th January 2020

The NHS Business Services Authority is responsible for verifying claims for free NHS prescriptions and dent

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Wuhan Novel Coronavirus advice – January 2020

24th January 2020

A letter has been issued by Public Health England, Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England and

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