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Statement of Financial Entitlement (SFE)

Before applying for parental leave or long-term sickness leave you must check that earnings are correct on Compass

Payments are based on these figures and recalculations will only be made in exceptional circumstances.

You can apply for SFE payments for:

  • business rates reimbursement 
  • parental leave 
  • long-term sickness leave

Read more about SFE eligibility and criteria on our knowledge base.

How to apply

If you’re a provider or a performer in Wales, email your completed application to

Business rates 

Apply for reimbursement of your business rates on Compass.

Watch our video guidance for information about how to make your application:

Business rates reimbursement application guidance (YouTube)

For more information about application and eligibility, visit our online knowledge base.

Parental leave and long-term sickness

Apply for parental leave or for long-term sickness leave by completing the relevant application form.
Application for parental leave payment (PDF: 72KB)Application for long term sickness payment (PDF: 71KB)Return your completed form and evidence to


Statements of Financial Entitlement directions (SFE) - England 

All payments are made in accordance with the relevant SFE directions.


Statements of Financial Entitlement directions (SFE) - Wales

GDS Statement of Financial Entitlement for Wales (PDF: 315KB)PDS Statement of Financial Entitlement for Wales (PDF: 329KB)