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Resources for dental practices

Resources to help dental practice staff offer information, advice and guidance to patients about NHS dental treatment.

NHS dental charges from 14 December 2020

'In the spotlight' articles

'In the spotlight' articles have good practice guidelines which have been developed from feedback and questions that have been raised when our clinicians have been talking to dentists and reviewing their clinical records. 

If there are any topics you’d like to see covered in future articles, let us know by emailing us:

Current articles:

In the spotlight – article 15: Misconceptions around NHS dental treatment in Wales (PDF: 210KB)In the spotlight - article 14: Welsh Government requirements and expectations in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 2021-2022 (Wales only) (Word: 63KB)In the spotlight – article 13: Misconceptions around NHS dental treatment in England (Word: 231KB)In the spotlight – article 12: Guaranteed treatment and continuation/further treatment (Word: 231KB)In the spotlight - article 11: Aerosol Generating Procedure information (England only) (PDF: 160KB)In the spotlight - article 10: Preventive dentistry for children during recovery phase of COVID-19 pandemic in Wales (PDF: 114KB) In the spotlight - article 9: Guidance on completing and ACORN assessment (Wales only) (PDF: 168KB)In the spotlight - article 8: ACORN – Do it Well, Do it Once a Year (Wales only) (PDF: 179KB)In the spotlight - article 7: Wales De-escalation Pandemic Plan for Dentistry (PDF: 168KB)In the Spotlight - article 5: incomplete treatment (PDF: 177KB)In the Spotlight - article 4: urgent claiming (PDF: 168KB)In the Spotlight - article 3: mouthguards (PDF: 140KB) ​​​​In the Spotlight - article 2: inlays and onlays guidance (PDF: 161KB)In the Spotlight - article 1: a course of treatment and examination (PDF: 168KB)