Pension Benefit Application

2015 Scheme

On 1 April 2015 a new NHS Pension Scheme was introduced which covers all transitioning and new NHS employees. Some members are entitled to remain in the 1995 or 2008 Sections until retirement through the Scheme’s Protection arrangements. The content of this website is being updated in stages to reflect these changes. More information about the 2015 Scheme arrangements can be found here.


Member Forms

  • AW8P - Application form and guidance notes to claim deferred benefits. Please note if you do not provide your birth certificate as instructed on the AW8P this will result in the rejection of your application form.  
  • Retirement Guide - Retirement guidance. We also have a printable version available.    
  • Equality monitoring questionnaire - Please complete when claiming deferred benefits.    
  • Bank Payment Overseas Factsheet - Information on payments to be made abroad. 
  • Overseas Bank Mandate Forms - A list of individual country mandates.  
  • AW8PC - Application form for Pension Credit members to claim benefits awarded to them by a Pension Sharing Order. Please also read the Retirement Guide before completing this form.
  • AW8/11A - Allocation of pension. Complete this form and attach to the retirement applicaton form. To find out more information about allocating part of your pension to another person in the event of your death please click here.
  • NHS Retirement Fellowship Form - Application to join the NHS Retirement Fellowship.  

Ill Health

  • AW240 - Application for consideration of entitlement for early payment of deferred benefits due to ill health.  

If you are a Pension Credit member and wish to apply for early payment of your deferred benefits due to ill health, you should complete the following form:

  • AW240(PC) - Application for consideration of entitlement for early payment of deferred benefits due to ill health for Pension Credit Members.
  • AW341 - A form to commute ill health retirement benefits for members who are terminally ill. This form must be attached to your retirement application form. (AW8 or AW8P).
  • AW341a - An application to commute age retirement benefits for members who are terminally ill and over the normal pension age. This form must be attached to your retirement application form. (AW8 or AW8P).

Employer Forms

  • AW8 - An application for retirement benefits on grounds of age, ill health, redundancy and Actuarially Reduced Early Retirement - the member should give 4 months notice of retirement.
  • AW8 Annex - This form should be completed in addition to the AW8 to confirm any protection of pay details, and then submitted by email in all cases, even if the AW8 is being submitted by post.  
  • Guidance for completion of the AW8    
  • Redundancy supplementary information - This checklist should be completed and returned with a completed AW8. Please return by email if submitting the AW8 on POL.
  • Retirement on grounds of Interest of Efficiency - This checklist should only be completed in circumstances where the reason for retirement on the AW8 has been completed as 'Early Retirement (IOE)'.
  • AW8 Supplementary Form - Pension benefits payable from a later date.
  • Retirement Guide - This Retirement Guide should also be given to the member with the AW8 form. We also have a printable version available.  
  • AW171 - An application for revised retirement benefit details (pensionable pay, membership, contributions etc.)
  • AW343 - Only to be completed where the member is leaving on grounds of compulsory redundancy and has concurrent pensionable employment, including Practitioner membership, in the NHS.
  • FPBA1 - Fixed Protection Accrual Declaration Form. To be completed by the member who has a fixed protection certificate and their retirement date is on or after 6 April 2012 and they are completing an AW8 (up to version 6) or AW8P (up to version 3) or an AW171 (substitute award) is being submitted.
  • AW140 - Notification to Paymaster of an NHS pensioners re-employment
  • AW140A - Notification to Paymaster of a change in circumstances for a re-employed NHS Pensioner.


Ill Health
  • AW33E - An application for the member to be considered for ill health retirement. To be completed and submitted by employers only.   
  • AW33E - Part C - Word version for Occupational Health Doctors to complete on screen then print to send with the AW33E.