Complaints and Disputes

What to do if things go wrong

We make every effort to get things right. If we have made a mistake we will apologise and make sure you receive your correct benefits and entitlements as quickly as possible. If we cannot resolve
your complaint informally, we have a formal dispute resolution procedure that complies with pension legislation.

How do I complain?

Anyone who receives (or expects to receive) benefits, wishes to join the Scheme, or is nominated by the above to represent them can make a complaint to us. If you wish to complain please write to us at the address on the Contact page. Alternatively, please email Please note: This email account in only for customers to register complaints.  All other queries should be made by contacting our member helpline on 0300 3301 346.  Any general queries sent through to the complaints email account will not be responded to.

If you have made a complaint that we have been unable to resolve, you may ask for your case to be considered under our formal Dispute Resolution procedures which are set out below.

What is the dispute resolution procedure?

The dispute resolution procedure is a formal two stage process, the first of which asks you tocomplete Stage 1 application form DRP1 that you can download here

Your case will be reviewed by a Disputes Officer and we will let you have a response within two months. If we are unable to give you a decision within that timescale, we will write and tell you why.

If you remain dissatisfied you are entitled to have your case looked at a second time.

Your case will then be reviewed by a Disputes Manager and we will let you know the outcome within two months. If we are unable to give you a decision within that timescale we will write and tell you why.

Where you can get further advice

You can get advice from The Pension Advisory Service (TPAS) at any time. You can also ask the Pensions Ombudsman to investigate and give a decision on any complaint or dispute. The address for both of these can be found in this section. Please note that the Pensions Ombudsman will normally expect any complaint to have been looked at under our Dispute Resolution procedures first before they will consider. The Pensions Regulator oversees pension scheme administration and can grant certain time limit extensions and deal with complaints about non-disclosure of information. Their address can also be found on the Useful Links page.