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The contact details below are for the media only. 

For non-media enquiries please go through our customer enquiries page.


For media enquiries relating to the NHS Business Services Authority (excluding NHS Protect) please contact the NHSBSA Communications Team using the relevant phone number below in the first instance, but if no-one is available please direct your enquiry to the other number.


Dental Services                                                               

Prescription Services                   

Social Work Bursary Scheme                       0191 212 7316

Help with Health Costs Schemes

European Health Insurance Card                                     


NHS Pensions

NHS Injury Benefits                                      01253 774848

Total Reward Statements

NHS Student Bursary Scheme

Or you can email:

NHS Protect welcomes media enquiries about NHS anti-fraud and pro-security work. Please contact the NHS Protect Media Relations Office:


Telephone: 020 7895 4524