Bursary Fraud













The NHS Business Services Authority and the Department of Health take bursary fraud very seriously. Recognising the majority of students are honest, some do make fraudulent claims. We are determined to catch these people and we will take every step possible to protect public funds. Students are reminded that if they commit fraud, and it is found at a later date, as well as repaying the bursary, they may be removed from the register by their professional body.

We are focused on preventing fraud and error from entering our systems and have introduced processes to detect and correct it where it does exist. The NHSBSA, together with the Department of Health, have criminal investigators who will actively and diligently seek the greatest punishment against those who attempt to defraud the scheme and take steps to deter others from considering the same course of action.

If you know someone who has fraudulently received a bursary, please contact NHS Protect at the earliest opportunity on their Fraud Corruption Reporting Line (0800 028 40 60) or through their online system at www.reportnhsfraud.nhs.uk. Your details will be treated in the strictest of confidence (or you can make a report anonymously if you prefer).