Social Work Bursaries




Social Work Bursaries is a service supplied by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) but it is not part of the NHS Bursary.  If you would like to apply for an NHS Bursary or if you are a Social Work student attending a joint discipline course e.g. combined with Nursing, please visit our NHS Student Bursaries web pages and apply through the Bursary Online Support System (BOSS).

The NHSBSA administer bursaries for social work students on behalf of the Department of Health (DH) who introduced the social work bursary as an incentive to train in social work.

The DH and the NHSBSA are committed to identifying and tackling all bursary fraud. Read more here.

How will I be funded?

The DH changed the way social work students are funded from the 2013/14 academic year. You can view the consultation response here:

In summary the new arrangements are:

  • retaining the postgraduate bursary as is
  • retaining the undergraduate bursary in years 2 and 3
  • restricting the number of bursary recipients at both postgraduate and undergraduate level.

What could I be entitled to?

Students who have received a bursary in a previous academic year and have not interrupted their studies will continue to be funded under the previous arrangements.

Undergraduate students will not receive funding in the first year of their studies.

All eligible postgraduate students will be entitled to a Placement Travel Allowance (PTA). In addition to this they may also be entitled to a bursary if they are included on the list of eligible students provided by their university.

Where can I find help and guidance?

Ask Us - discover the answers to your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Student Guidance - find detailed guidance on all aspects of Social Work Bursary support for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Our Contact Details page also provides you with information about how to get in touch with us.

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