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Before creating a BOSS account, have you used our bursary calculators to check your eligibility and what your status will be (independent/dependent)? You can also receive estimates for what your basic award could be and any additional allowances. We recommend you use the calculators first before you submit a bursary application.

Bursary Calculators

If you are a new starter have you read all of the information and guidance found here before you create a BOSS account?

If you are a continuing student have you read all of the information and guidance found here before you reapply?

A guidance booklet and guidance video for students are available to give you an overview of the information you need to know before, during and after you apply for an NHS bursary.

Before you create a BOSS account or a new application within your current BOSS account, please ensure you have read all of the information contained on this page. The guidance is provided to help ensure your bursary application and any subsequent additional allowance applications go as smoothly as possible.

If you are studying on a Social Work course, please do not apply on BOSS. Instead, visit our Social Work Bursaries home page for information on how to apply. Social Work students who are attending a joint discipline course (e.g. combined with Nursing) should still apply through BOSS.

A guide to completing your NHS Bursary application

We have put together a step by step guide for students who are completing a bursary application through the Bursary Online Support System (BOSS). The guide explains exactly what each question on BOSS is asking you for and some examples of the answers you need to provide.

The guide also has detailed guidance notes about what you should be aware of and check before you make your bursary application and do’s and don’ts to consider when filling in the form. At the end you will find information about submitting yours and another person’s supporting evidence, our assessment timescales and an overview of how and when bursaries are paid.

Have it open at the same time as your BOSS application and jump to the section you need, when you need it.

Completing your NHS Bursary application - A step by step guide to the Bursary Online Support System (BOSS)

How do I create a BOSS account?

New students should create a BOSS account here by clicking on the register button. Then:

  • Fill out your personal details and create your own username and password.
  • Provide answers for the security questions.
  • Click the register button and wait for an activation email.
  • Once you receive this email, you must activate your account within 72 hours or it will expire and you will have to create a new account using a different email address.
  • After these steps have been taken, you can access BOSS and fill out your bursary application forms.

Continuing students do not need to create a BOSS account again. Once you have one, you should reapply for your bursary by logging onto your BOSS account using your existing log in details and then click on the "apply/reapply for an NHS bursary" link. Creating a duplicate account could result in your course fees not being paid.

Don't forget to select the correct application period for the academic year you are applying for. Read more here:

How do I make a bursary application?

Submitting the BOSS forms only creates a registration of interest in applying for a bursary. It only becomes a full application when we receive all your supporting evidence.

  • An email will be sent to you that lists the supporting evidence you must supply – we cannot assess your application until you send us all of this evidence.  If you delete this email, you can view it at any time in your BOSS account (it will be called "ApplicationConfirmationEmail" or "EvidenceRequiredEmail").
  • To avoid delays in the assessing of your application please submit all of the requested supporting evidence in one go.
  • Don’t forget to include your student coversheet which contains your unique student reference number beginning SBA (it can be printed from the “Documents” section of your BOSS account which is at the bottom of your home page once you log in).
  • We only accept original documents for all supporting evidence.

If you are requested to send in supporting evidence to prove another person’s financial year income, please ensure you send us the P60/final payslip for the correct financial period (see table below).

Please note that for academic years that commence prior to 1 September 2014, the table above does not apply to the income evidence that is required to be sent to us to support an application for Dependants’ Allowance as this is based on the forthcoming academic year period. However, for all courses commencing or recommencing from 1 September 2014 a change to the NHS Bursary Scheme rules means that applications for Dependants' Allowance will be assessed based on the previous financial year's income.

How do I access BOSS?

Your online BOSS account can be accessed at any time through: Simply log on using the details you provided when you created your account.

Please see the list below of browsers that are currently fully compatible with the BOSS system. You may encounter problems using other browsers.

  • Internet Explorer (version 7 and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 16 and above)
  • Google Chrome (version 20 and above)
  • Apple Safari (version 5 and above)

What can I do in BOSS?

From within your account you are able to carry out a variety of tasks including:

  • Submit a new or a re-application for an NHS student bursary.
  • Notify us of a change in circumstances to a current bursary application.
  • Submit an application for Disabled Students Allowance.
  • Change the bank details you want your bursary to be paid into.
  • View your annual bursary entitlement and the dates your payments are due to be/have been made.
  • View the supporting evidence you are required to submit to support your application.
  • Download a student coversheet (which must be sent off with any supporting evidence, paper forms and other correspondence that you send us).

What can't I do in BOSS?

To make a Childcare Allowance application or claim for Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) please visit our "Student Forms" page. You will also find the self declaration evidence forms on there.

Where can I view my payments?

Once your application has been assessed, you can view your own personal Payment Schedule by logging onto your BOSS account. An overview of the payment dates for new and continuing students can be viewed at the relevant link below.

Payment Schedule 2014-15