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Please note that while essential maintenance is carried out, users will not be able to update bank details in BOSS and may be prevented from submitting an application from 10pm on Friday 24 March 2017. This system is expected to be fully available again by around 7am the following morning (Saturday 25 March 2017). Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.


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If you are studying on a Social Work course, please do not apply on BOSS. Instead, visit our Social Work Bursaries home page for information on how to apply. Social Work students who are attending a joint discipline course (e.g. combined with Nursing) should still apply through BOSS.

NHS Bursaries for nursing, midwifery and allied health professional courses are only available to eligible students studying in England. Please do not create a BOSS account if your course is based at a university in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Different rules do apply to medical/dental students about the location of where you're studying so please use our Eligibility calculator at the link below.

Before you make an NHS Bursary application

Bursary calculators

Have you used our bursary calculators to check your eligibility and what your student status will be (independent/dependent)? You can also receive estimates for what your basic award could be and any additional allowances. We recommend you use the calculators first before you submit a bursary application.

Bursary Calculators


Before you create a BOSS account or make a new application within your current BOSS account, please ensure you have read all of the information contained on this page. The guidance is provided to help ensure your bursary application and any subsequent additional allowance applications go as smoothly as possible.

Guidance booklets (including a step by step guide to answering the questions on BOSS - see link below) and a guidance video for students are available to give you an overview of the information you need to know before, during and after you apply for an NHS Bursary.

Completing your NHS Bursary application - A step by step guide to the Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) Have it open at the same time as your BOSS application and jump to the section you need, when you need it.

What supporting evidence might I be asked for?

It all depends on the answers that you give in your BOSS application as to what we will ask you to send us as supporting evidence. To help you understand the type/s of documents we can accept as supporting evidence for your NHS Bursary application (or for an application for an additional allowance or to prove a change in your circumstances), we've put together a list. Read it here: Supporting evidence required.

Please remember that a list of the exact supporting evidence that you need to send us for any NHS Bursary or additional allowance application you make will be emailed to you.

Application window deadlines

If you are a new starter have you checked what your application window deadline is before you create a BOSS account?

If you are a continuing student have you checked what your application window deadline is before you reapply?

Don't forget to select the correct application period for the academic year you are applying for. Read more here:

How should I send my supporting evidence to you?

Posting your documents

Once you have submitted your forms on BOSS you will receive an email that asks you to supply evidence to support the information you have provided. We can only accept original documents as supporting evidence. All of your supporting evidence should be sent in one go as soon as it is available (to avoid any delays in the assessment of your application do not send evidence in separately).

You must ensure your student coversheet is included (this can be printed from the 'Documents' section of your BOSS account).

You must also include a pre-paid SAE envelope for your supporting evidence/documents to be returned to you. You can use standard post (Royal Mail first or second class) on this but Special Delivery post will allow you to track the return of your documents and make a claim with Royal Mail for anything that gets lost in transit.

Send all of the above to:

(Write your unique SBA number above the address and your preferred return address on the back of the envelope) 

NHS Student Bursaries
Ridgway House
Northgate Close

  • If you do not include a copy of your student coversheet with anything you post us, we cannot link the documents/evidence to your BOSS application.
  • We do not accept walk ins to have your supporting evidence scanned in. Please do not turn up at our scanning office as you will be turned away. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Protecting your documents

Whether you're using a paper/card envelope or a plastic Special Delivery pouch to send us your supporting evidence, please strengthen the seal with tape. We recommend that tape is put over the length of the seal and around the front of the envelope so that it cannot open. We receive hundreds of envelopes with damaged or open seals every month. Some of the documents they contained have been lost in transit on their way to us. Protect your documents by reinforcing the seal (and using Special Delivery post).

Please also make sure the envelope and the return envelope that you use are large enough to comfortably fit all of the documents in. A lot of the damaged mail we receive with torn envelopes is because too many documents have been forced into the envelope so make sure you use one sturdy enough to cope with the weight of what you’re sending.

Submitting another person's evidence

You may have to supply evidence to us from another person, for example, financial evidence from a parent, spouse or partner. If they would prefer this information remains confidential to them, you should ask them to place the document/s into a sealed envelope and then put them inside the envelope containing your supporting evidence. Make sure you send your documents to us by Special Delivery post so you can track them. You should always avoid sending in another person's evidence separately to your own as this can cause delays with the assessment of your application.

If the other person wants us to return their document/s to a different address they must include a covering letter stating this and an envelope with the correct amount of return postage paid on it addressed to where we should return the document/s. You can use standard post (Royal Mail first or second class) on this return envelope but Special Delivery post will allow you to track the return of your documents and make a claim with Royal Mail for anything that gets lost in transit.

Returning documents to a non UK address

If you need your documents/supporting evidence returning to an address outside of the UK, you MUST include a prepaid envelope addressed to where you want it returning to, to cover the cost of this.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cheques or cash to cover any postage costs and we cannot fund the return postage costs to non UK addresses (even if you offer to pay it back).

If you do not include a prepaid envelope, we will be unable to return your documents/supporting evidence. We will always contact you when this happens to arrange for them to be posted to a UK address or to give you the opportunity to send in the prepaid envelope, but understandably this can cause long delays to the returning of your documents.

What can I do in BOSS?

From within your account you are able to carry out a variety of tasks including:

  • Submit a new or a re-application for an NHS Bursary.
  • Notify us of a change in circumstances to a current bursary application.
  • Apply for Dependants Allowance. This is a a section in the main application form on BOSS and it will only appear if you answer 'yes' to the question whether you will have somebody (a partner and/or child) who will be wholly or mainly financially dependent on you.
  • Submit an application for Disabled Students Allowance. (The link to this will only become visible on your BOSS home page once you have clicked 'Submit' on your bursary application.) 
  • Change the bank details you want your bursary to be paid into.
  • View your annual bursary entitlement and the dates your payments are due to be/have been made.
  • View the supporting evidence you are required to submit to support your application.
  • Download a student coversheet (which must be sent off with any supporting evidence, paper forms and other correspondence that you send us).

What can't I do in BOSS?

Additional Allowances

The forms you cannot complete through your BOSS account, and that must be printed and posted to us, are:

Childcare Allowance (this form must be countersigned by your childcare provider or we cannot accept it)

Childcare Reconciliation (this form must be sent to us with your student coversheet or we cannot reconcile your costs)

Practice Placement Expenses (this form must be countersigned by your university and they will send it to us - don't forget to provide your university with a copy of your student coversheet which you can print off from your BOSS account)

Self declaration forms

Current Income Assessment (PSM1 CI)

Confirmation of Pay (PSM60)

Confirmation of Personal Pension Contributions Paid (PSM90)

Find a form

More details about the above forms and downloadable versions.

Where can I view my payments?

Once your application has been assessed, you can view your own personal Payment Schedule by logging onto your BOSS account. An overview of the payment dates for new and continuing students can be viewed at the link below.

Payment Schedule 2016/17

Payment Schedule 2016/17 (medical/dental students)