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2015 Scheme

On 1 April 2015 a new NHS Pension Scheme was introduced which covers all transitioning and new NHS employees. Some members are entitled to remain in the 1995 or 2008 Sections until retirement through the Scheme’s Protection arrangements. The content of this website is being updated in stages to reflect these changes. More information about the 2015 Scheme arrangements can be found here.




Useful dates

This document sets out the key dates throughout the history of the NHS Pension Scheme. Please be aware that the terminology used in this document reflects the terms in use at the time and will differ to terms that are currently in use.

NHS Pension Scheme Employer's Charter  

This document has been jointly produced by the Department of Health, NHS Employers and NHS Pensions after consultation with local Pension Administrators, HR representatives and Regional Workforce Directors. The Charter is jointly aimed at those who hold overall accountability, and those who are responsible for actual local administration within the employing organisation to provide explicit clarification of their role and responsibilities.     

Employer Support Infographic      

This document sets out all the help and support we currently provide for you.

Employer screensaver

This screensaver can be used to help remind your staff about our Twitter account and Member Newsletter.

NHS Pensions Service Charter 

This document has been produced by the NHS Business Services Authority with the intent to compliment and support the Pension Employer’s Charter. The purpose of this document is to clearly set-out the role and responsibilities of NHS Pensions as central administrator of the NHS Pension Scheme. This is important because these responsibilities have evolved over time due to a number of factors.

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