Pensions Online

Pensions Online will be unavailable from 7pm on Friday 3 March until 7am on Monday 6 March. 

Please note: at times we may need to take POL offline at short notice. Updates will be provided on our website when possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Pensions Online Estimate Calendar Length Service more than 40 years

You will need to refer any cases to NHS Pensions, where an estimate has been processed on Pensions Online and the calendar length service exceeds 40 years and above. Please e-mail the members name and SD number to with the heading Maximum service. It is important that you do not issue the estimate to the member until NHS Pensions has confirmed that it is ok to do so.

Pensions Online (POL) is an online tool based on the internal NHS Network (N3) which gives employers the facility to update and amend member’s records.

  • Appendix to be included with all estimate requests where the member exceeds £250,000 after lump sum commutation.

    Employer query log - Updated 10 June 2016

    Pensions Online

    Pensions Online Administration Guides

  • 01.What is Pensions Online  
  • 02.Frequently Asked Questions
  • 03.Registration Process
  • 04.Signing-In
  • 05.Member Search
  • 06.Site Update
  • 07.Administer Employer Access
  • 08.E-Forms Overview
  • 09.Automated Forms Overview
  • 10.Automated SD55E/Constructed Values SD55E
  • 11.ESR Mid-Year Contribution Rate Changes
  • 12.ESR Changes to Standard Hours
  • 13.SM8
  • 14.Joiner Forms Overview
  • 15.SS10 Joiner Form
  • 16.SS10GP Joiner Form
  • 17.SS14 Joiner Form
  • 18.SD55 – Annual Update
  • 19.SD55 - Terminating a Period of Employment
  • 20.SD55 - Protected Leaver
  • 21.SD55G – Change of Personal Details
  • 22.SD55E – Amending Contributions, Pay and Hours
  • 23.RFT1
  • 24.Changes to Whole Time (WT) or Part Time (PT) (no longer relevant) 
  • 25.ADP4
  • 26.Non-Updated records
  • 27.AW8 (updated June 2014)
  • 28.Form RF12 – Application for a refund of contributions
  • 29.TPP (no longer relevant)
  • 30.Agenda for Change
  • 31.GP1 (GP Practices only)
  • 32.Notifications
  • 33.Noticeboard
  • 34.Error Handling        
  • 35.ESR Status  
  • 36.Change Password
  • 37.View Employer Contacts
  • 38.Check Member Choice Status
  • 39.Memberzone
  • 40. Greenbury Guide  
  • 41. Age Estimates Benefits Statement (AEBS) Employer Training Guide
  • 42. Delete an employment
  • 43. Open and rewind an employment