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Contact NHS Pensions - employers

NHS employers can contact NHS Pensions by phone, email or post.

General enquiries 

You can contact us by:
Email: (employers only)
Telephone: 0300 3301 353
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Find out about call charges

Pensions Online (POL)

You can contact Pensions Online (POL) helpdesk by:
Telephone: 0300 3301 353
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pmFind out about call charges

If you are wanting to submit change of administrator forms or request pin and password resets, account unlocks or update account details for the main account holder:


NHS Pension Scheme Finance

For queries relating to NHS Pension Scheme Finance, contact Pensions Finance by:

Annual Allowance queries:
Data cleanse queries:
ESR queries:

You can write to:
NHS Pensions
PO Box 683, Unit 5
Newcastle Upon Tyne

All handwritten envelopes will require the postage to be paid. Royal Mail will not accept:

  • handwritten freepost envelopes
  • pre-paid envelopes where the address has been changed

Order forms

You can order copies of the retirement benefits claim form (AW8), consideration of entitlement to ill health retirement benefits form (AW33E) and application for a refund of pension contributions form (RF12) through our online ordering portal. 

If you have access to the Primary Care Support England (PCSE) portal, you can order these forms without completing the following registration.

To register for the portal, complete the registration form (Excel: 215KB) and send it to

Employer guidance on sending forms to NHS Pensions

At the start of the COVID 19 outbreak we took a number of steps to support employers who were encountering issues due to the lockdown restrictions. This included agreeing to accept certain applications forms in PDF/Word format via email, instead of by post.

Once received the NHS Pensions scanning team save the application to the member's file and arrange for the correct service team workflow to be launched. This has proved to be a successful and efficient way of handling paperwork and we thank those employers who have quickly adapted to the changes.

In order to ensure the continued efficiency of this process, this article and the table below clarifies the forms we can receive in this manner.


  • There are no changes to the submission of Pensions Online forms and employers should continue to use POL for this purpose.
  • Where a wet signature is required the employer should include within the covering e-mail the reasons this was not possible.
Form Team
COVID19 Life Assurance Forms COVID 19 Scheme
AW8, AW8P, AW8/11A, AW8 SUPP, AW343 Awards
D6, D6A, AW9, AW9P, AW11, AW158, AW111, AW11PC, AW135, D10, D12, D13, D15, DE##, G60, Death Certificates, Tell us once Bereavements
AW33E, AW240 Ill Health
AW295 Estimates
SMR, SM1, SM215, SM333, SM27A, SM27B, SM27C, SM27D, SM Retro1, SM Retro2, SMPTA1, PPSM1 Service
Transfer in forms A and B, Transfer out UK TV out guide, TV 18, CETV requests Transfers
Pensions on divorce, PD1, PD2, PPSM1 POD
DB1, DB2, DB2PC, PN1, PN2, NOM1 Nominations
RF12 Refunds
SD55, 65, SS10 Data Team
SPE2 Annual Allowance
SMR9, SMR9EA Protection of Pay
RE08, RE09, AW70, Re-employment Form Pensioner Admin
DRP1 Disputes


Pensions scanning services email:

Employer general enquiries email:  (employers only)

Or contact the Employer helpline:

Telephone: 0300 3301 353
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Find out about call charges

Pensions Online Helpdesk (POL) email: