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Use the Scheme Identifier to help you identify which Section or Scheme an employee should be in.

What you need to do

Read the new joiner factsheet (PDF: 347KB) for instructions on how to enrol a new member into the Scheme and complete the new employee questionnaire (Word: 325KB).

You may also find the capacity codes list (PDF: 245KB) useful.


Read this guidance for more information about re-employed members:

Re-employment decision tree (PDF: 176KB)

Re-employment factsheet (PDF: 191KB)

Re-employment FAQs (PDF: 97.3KB)

Abatement basic overview employer guide (PDF: 211KB)

Retire and return employer guide (PDF: 583KB)


If you are notified that an NHS pensioner wishes to return to NHS employment or about a change to a reemployed pensioners circumstances then please use the following forms to notify Paymaster:

Re-employment of a NHS pensioner (AW140) (PDF: 95KB) - Notification to Paymaster of an NHS pensioners re-employment

Change of circumstances for a re-employed NHS pensioner (AW140A) (PDF: 102KB) - Notification to Paymaster of a change in circumstances for a re-employed NHS Pensioner.

Auto enrolment

You have a duty to automatically enrol eligible workers between the ages of 22 and State Pension Age into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. Automatic enrolment means instead of choosing whether to join a workplace pension scheme provided by their employer, all eligible workers will have to actively decide to cease membership, if for any reason they feel this is not a suitable form of personal saving for their situation.

The duties currently carried out by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) have been extended to include overall responsibility for ensuring that employers comply with these new duties.

The NHS Pensions Scheme is a qualifying pension scheme and is the default Scheme for all NHS employees and they must be automatically enrolled into it.

However, not all staff are eligible to join the NHS Pension Scheme. You will need to take action to identify these workers and automatically enrol them into alternative pension arrangements.

Information can be found on the NHS Employers website to help in identifying the status of your workforce and suggested letters are also available.

Further information

More detailed information is available on the NHS Employers website. This includes the seven key steps to prepare for automatic enrolment and FAQs. They have also prepared an auto enrolment 'lessons learnt' document that you may find useful.

TPR has published a webpage 'Planning for auto enrolment' aimed at smaller organisations that allows employers to generate a plan to help you prepare for and meet auto enrolment requirements, including:

  • checking processes and software
  • assessing the workforce 
  • communicating to employees 
  • enrolling eligible employees 
  • registering with the Pension Regulator.

There is also information about your staging date.

The Pensions Regulator has also published detailed guidance about automatic enrolment.

We have also produced our own set of auto enrolment FAQs (PDF: 141KB) for Employing Authorities, GP Practices and Direction employers.