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Increasing benefits

Additional Pension

Read the Additional Pension decision tree (PDF: 311KB) for instructions on how to set up an Additional Pension for a member.

Added Years

Read the Added Years factsheet (PDF: 58.5KB) for information about how to administer an Added Years application for a member.

You may also need to use the Half Cost Added Years decision tree (PDF: 163KB) for further information and the AB54 contract form (PDF: 240KB).

Unreduced lump sum retirement allowance

Read the unreduced lump sum retiring allowance factsheet (PDF: 197KB) for information about how to process an application for a member.

Money Purchase AVCs

Read the Money Purchase AVC  factsheet (PDF: 115KB) and FAQs (PDF: 55KB) for information about Money Purchase AVCs for members.

Stakeholder pensions

Stakeholder pensions are an alternative way of saving for retirement but are not normally recommended as a main pension for someone who can join the NHS Pension Scheme. If an employee is prevented from joining the NHS Pension Scheme for some reason the employee can be offered an NHS stakeholder pension.


If they are a member of the NHS Pension Scheme they can also use an NHS stakeholder pension to top up their main NHS Pension Scheme benefits. They can do this instead of, or as well as, other top up arrangements.


Because stakeholder contributions are invested with an external provider the NHS Pension Scheme cannot guarantee the fund or the amount of the pension it will produce.


NHS stakeholder pensions are run for the NHS by Standard Life. If the employee would like to find out more about NHS stakeholder pensions please contact:


Standard Life

Dundas House

20 Brandon Street



Helpline: 0800 33 33 06








A member may, if they prefer, take out a stakeholder pension independently of the NHS Pension Scheme.