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Divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership and your pension

Requests for a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) for divorce purposes will be delayed. This is due to the current coronavirus (Covid-19) situation

This has also caused disruptions to Court Services. If you still have a hearing or have arranged a private Financial Dispute Resolution, let us know and we'll provide the CETV in time for this hearing where possible. Complete the form PD1 (and PD2 if required) and send it to us now if you have not already done so.

Divorce or dissolution of civil partnership can affect your NHS pension.

The court treats the value of pension benefits as an asset and may make an order to share the value of this asset between the parties involved.

Read our guide to pensions on divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership (PDF: 552KB) for more information.

Before you apply

Read the factsheets for more information about the possible impact on your pension:

Pensions on divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership (PDF: 212KB)Changes of the administration of pension sharing orders (PDF: 104KB)
You can read the schedule of charges (PDF: 244KB) to see if a charge is applicable.

How to apply

To apply for a CETV for this purpose complete form PD1 (PDF: 206KB) and send to NHS Pensions.

If you're an active member, or you left within the last 12 months, you must also ask your employer to complete form PD2 (Word: 267KB). When completed, send this with the PD1 to NHS Pensions. The address is on the form.

NHS Pensions will process your request within 3 months of receipt, if required a CETV can be issued within 6 weeks for a fee.

Application / request forms

Pensions on divorce or dissolution of civil partnership application CETV request (PD1) (PDF: 200KB)Pay details request form (PD2) (Word: 267KB)Pension sharing order confirmation (PD3) (PDF: 178KB)


Transfer Out factors non Club - under NPA - 1995/2008 and 2015 Scheme (PDF:174KB)Pensioner CETV Factors and Pension Credit factors - 1995/2008 and 2015 Scheme (PDF:122KB)