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Employer news

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Clarification on annual allowance statements

10th October 2019

We would like to clarify our current position in regards to providing annual allowance pension savings

Spaces left for GP practice employer stakeholder event

8th October 2019

The NHS Pensions’ Stakeholder Engagement Team has a number of places remaining for a GP practice employer

Pensions on Line (POL) Memberzone - data cleanse and exclusions

3rd October 2019

Data Management are receiving a high number of e-mails regarding cases where an estimate or membership

GMP Tests revised

3rd October 2019

Requests for a GMP test need to be sent via email to

Protection of Pay and Voluntary Protection of Pay

3rd October 2019

The forms and fact sheets have recently been updated following a review of the enquiry process.

Customer satisfaction surveys

3rd October 2019

We are now undertaking our employer surveys on a monthly basis and the feedback that is provided helps us

Institute of Customer Service membership

3rd October 2019

NHS Pensions is proud to be a member of The Institute of Customer Service (ICS).This is the professional

Government consultation on pension flexibilities

3rd October 2019

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has published a revised consultation on proposed