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TRS / Annual Benefits Statements Availability

27th October 2020

Refreshed TRS/ Annual Benefits Statement will be made available by the end of August 2020 and the mid-year

Marriage Certificates as Supporting Evidence

27th October 2020

When accepting supporting documentation a NIKAH NAMA Muslim marriage certificate cannot be accepted as

Death in service – Outstanding annual leave

27th October 2020

The members’ record should be terminated on either the date of death, or if annual leave extends the last

Pensions Online – Error Handling

27th October 2020

Last month we advised that from 1 August 2020, NHS Pensions will no longer deal with comments submitted

Bereavement forms and closing member records

13th October 2020

NHS Pensions is currently improving the way we process claims for death benefits.

Ill health retirement and serious ill health retirement forms

9th October 2020

When sending ill health application forms, please ensure that all reports are enclosed including any

Overpaid employer contributions - financial year 2020-21

9th October 2020

Further to the communication published on our website that advised all employers should continue to remit

Special Class Transitional members retirement age on TRS/ABS

9th October 2020

Following the release of Total Reward Statements (TRS) and annual benefit statements (ABS), NHS Pensions

Annual leave at the end of employment and payment in lieu of notice - for all members

9th October 2020

This guidance applies to Officer and Practice Staff NHS Pension Scheme members but not to General Medical

Notional Whole-Time (NWT) Pensionable Pay and supplementary pays

14th September 2020

We have received a number of enquiries from employers seeking clarification when calculating Notional