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GP members of the 2015 Scheme - Annualisation of pensionable pay

5th March 2018

As a result of a recent decision by the Department of Health and Social Care, if during 2016/17 you

Sharing our performance - January 2018

28th February 2018

Our current performance 

Year end update events for non Pensions Online (POL) employers

28th February 2018

Over the last few months, the Stakeholder Engagement Team has been providing information to non Pensions

Important changes to application forms

28th February 2018

The following forms have recently been updated to include an additional option within the applicant’s

Extended Pensions Online downtime

28th February 2018

We would like to provisionally inform you that Pensions Online (POL) will

Organisations who outsource their pensions activity to third party providers

28th February 2018

Please remember that if you outsource your pensions activity to a third party provider, it is your

Pre-retirement course presentation

28th February 2018

We have produced a presentation that you can use to provide information to members at pre-retirement

GP Practices who submit contributions via Pensions Online

28th February 2018

Please note: This article and letter are for the attention of GP Practices

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

28th February 2018

We are starting to receive a few queries from employers about how we collect and share data, and how this

Employer Charter

28th February 2018

The Employer Charter has recently been through a thorough review including contributions from the employer