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NHS Pensions Finance

Contribution rates and payment schedule

2018/19 Payment schedule for NHS Pension Scheme contributions (PDF: 77KB)

From 1 April 2017 employers pay 14.38% (14.3% employer contributions plus 0.08% administration levy).

Details of the employer contributions can be found on the Cost of being in the Scheme page on the Member Hub.

Payment of contributions and invoices

NHS Pension contributions must reach our bank account by the 19th of the month following that in which they were deducted. Where the 19th falls on a weekend, Bank Holiday etc, they must be paid by the last working day prior to the 19th.

From April 2014, any contributions paid late are subject to charges. These are currently £75 admin plus interest calculated on the number of days late.

With effect from Monday 18 January 2016, NHS Pensions and NHS Injury Benefits will come under new banking arrangements with the Government Banking Service (GBS). This requires us to transition from Citibank to the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. The amended details have been included in the documents below.

Please refer to the following documents for methods of paying pension contributions and the payment schedule:

Payment of contributions by bank transfer or similar electronic transaction (PDF: 101KB)

Payment of invoices (PDF: 143KB)  

What should I do if I have paid the incorrect amount of contributions to NHS Pensions?

2017/18 Annual Contributions Assurance exercise

Assurance Cover Letter 2017/18 (PDF: 105KB) - Main NHS Organisations


Staff Assurance Statement (Excel: 324KB) - For completion by Trusts, Foundation Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Arms Length Bodies and Direction Bodies that have not completed a return in this financial year.


GP Assurance Statement (Excel: 341KB) - For completion by local health boards for GP contributions.


All CCGs are required to complete an Assurance Statement for staff contributions. However, Delegated CCGs are not required to submit an Assurance Statement for GP contributions as a separate process has been agreed with NHS England. Information can be found on NHS England’s SharePoint guidance library.


Welsh organisations who remit both staff and GP contributions to the NHS Pension Scheme should complete two statements, covering staff and GP payments separately

Pensions Finance contact details

There are different contacts for different Pensions Finance enquiries.  Please ensure you check you are using the correct email address before submitting your query.

Enquiries raised by employers (excluding GP practices)

For queries that relate to:

  • Payment of NHS Pension contributions (set up/methods)
  • Bank details
  • Adjustments (over/under payments)
  • Refunds
  • Account closures

Please email:

Enquiries raised by GP practices

For queries that relate to:

  • Payment of NHS Pension contributions (set up/methods)
  • Bank details
  • Adjustments (over/under payments)
  • Refunds
  • Account closures

Please email:

General enquiries regarding invoices for administration and interests charges for late or non payments of pension contributions

Please email:  or call 0191 244 6957.

All other enquiries

For enquiries regarding:

  • Invoices for administration and interests charges for late/non payments of pension contributions including disputes, etc.
  • Annual Contributions Assurance exercise
  • Compliance Assurance and Contribution Statement
  • All other finance related enquiries that are not listed above.

Please email