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Depending on your circumstances, you’ll receive either a Total Reward Statement (TRS) or an Annual Benefit Statement (ABS) each year.

To find out more about Total Reward Statements, Annual Benefit Statements and which one you will receive, visit What type of statement you’ll get.

If your employer uses Electronic Staff Record (ESR), you can use this to access your statement.

Log in to TRS using ESR


What ESR is

The Electronic Staff Record (ESR) is an integrated HR and payroll system for NHS organisations in England and Wales.

ESR allows NHS employees to view and maintain their personal information and develop their professional knowledge. 

If you receive your payslips via ESR, then you should also be able to access your Total Reward Statement, if available, via ESR. Not all NHS employers offer access to ESR, ask your employer if you would like more information.

You can get help with accessing your statement via ESR Employee Self Service or contact your local ESR administrator for help.

If your organisation doesn’t currently use ESR and you are an existing user of GOV.UK Verify, you will be able to use this to access your statement.

You can log in to GOV.UK Verify here

What GOV.UK Verify is

To use some digital services, the government needs to check you are who you say you are. GOV.UK Verify gives you simple access to services like checking your state pension or driving licence details.

GOV.UK Verify has been developed by the Government Digital Service (GDS) and meets the highest levels of international standards for security and data protection. With GOV.UK Verify, you can be confident your identity is protected.

Partner companies assure your identity. This means the government never needs to see your personal information and the partner companies never know which service you’re using.

There’s more information about GOV.UK Verify available on their website.

If you are having trouble accessing your statement via GOV.UK Verify, you can contact our Customer Contact Centre using to request a copy of your statement. Please be aware that this can take up to 7 working days to respond to your request.

Further information on accessing your statements

For additional information on accessing your statements and why a statement may not be available to you, visit Why you might not be able to see a statement.

Your employer will let you know when a new statement becomes available.

You can also find out by: